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It is a very sad day when I put a client’s pet to sleep and as long as I have had a clinic I have not charged for this service. As a veterinarian it hurts each time that I have to put a pet to sleep as it means that I can no longer help them to live a happy healthy life with their owners.

In 2011 I had to put my long time friend Bitsy to sleep and it really reinforced the pain that a pet owner feels in losing a part of their family. Many clients offer to pay or want to give me something as a way of saying thank you, so after losing Bitsy I decided to create the Bitsy Angel Fund. This fund is for owner’s to voluntarily contribute to in the memory of a past pet or when the time comes to put a pet to sleep.

All proceeds raised will be used by me to help other pets live or live a better life that otherwise might not be able to for financial reasons. There is no better way to honor your pet or my Bitsy than to help another pet be able to live!!!

LaNita Flanary, DVM

Monetary donations may be sent to the clinic.
Flanary Veterinary Clinic
200 Eagle Nest Drive
Paducah, Kentucky 42003

Thanks to all the donors and their pets listed below:


Bear Bartlett 1991-2005
Wendy Herndon “Mouse”
Linda & Lin Roof “Roofus”
Niki Stori
Reba Bristol
Angie Mitchell “Cody”
Linda Little “Bert” & “Ernie"
Aeresa Ryan
Doris Lynn
In memory of
Tigger and Honey Brown
In memory of Beau Oakes
The Crawford Family “Charlie”
The Lutz Family “Mattie”
The Bugg Family “Blackjack”
Sharon Price
In Memory of Shadow - Donna Phillips
Chris Price "Max"
The Phillips family
The Davis family
The Wallace family
The Rudd family
The Turley family
The Latham family
The Litchenberg Family "Abby"
The Ferguson Family “Mia”
Attil Pasquini “Lucy and Maisy”
Patti North
The Lask Family "Homer"
In memory of Minnie Haus
The Hathcock Family “Madeline”
The Arant Flamily
The Loudermilk Family
The Ryan Family
The Ahart family
The Green family
Tim Cathcart
Benny Green
Susan McCain "Teco"
Tracy Cruse “Tapper”
Jamie Blanton “Toby”
Tracy Cruse
Jamie Blanton
Vanessa Blanton
Bobbie Inman
Betty Sutton
Cindy Wing
Brown Family “ Albert Pujols”
Locket Family “Max”
Joy Gustafson “Blackie”
Gretchen Roof “Abby”
Marcia and Robert Auerbach - “Auggie”
Melanie Halliman “Fergie”
Kim and Roxie Biggerstaff
Celia Smith
Pat and Ron Gardner “Kayla”
The Joiner Family “Prissy”
The Cook Family
The Kornbacher Family “Pita”
The Wallace Family “Noah”
The Massey Family “Patches”
The Ford Family "Domino"
The Riley Family “Blackie”
Pat Cummins
The Hines family
Sherry Pittman
The Mullen family
The Stark family
Jeremy Hornback
The Seay family "Brandi"
Pat and Gary Wallace "Yogi"
Carnell Kelly
The Meriwether Family
The Schultz Family
Walter and Joan Smith "Princess"
Barnes Family "Max"
Dee Robison with Paws in Lyon County
Munro Family “Bud”
Jennifer Green
The Crouch family “Elliot”
Larry Mason
The Bowlin Family “Sparky”
The Shelton Family
The Greenwell family
The Doyle family
The Kepner family
The Smith Family "Punkin"
The Tabor Family
Vanessa Blanton “Toby’
Barbara Perea “Mickey”
Barbara Perea
Brenda Cooper
Jean Hollis
The Osborne Family “Chloe”
Terry Smith
Barbara Thomas “Zing”
Amelia McNeely
Kilgore Family "Daisy"

We have helped so many pets in our community in recent years with this fund and your generous donations. Miracle the cat was burned in a house fire. With the help of the Bitsy Angel Fund Miracle got the medical services and medications she needed and made a full recovery. We also started a Saving Seniors program along with Paws for Lyon County. Any animal shelter, humane society or rescue group that had a senior pet (7 years of age or older) for adoption, could have bloodwork done on them to be able to send them home with a clean bill of health. The finances to do this project were all because of the Bitsy Angel Fund. A little border collie named Peaches was our first senior and she was adopted soon after her bloodwork was completed and is enjoying life in her new home. The fund has also helped spay or neuter many dogs and cats to reduce the number of unwanted pets.

above left: Miracle - - above right: Peaches

"Nothing short of a 'Miracle': Feline gets new leash on life after being injured in house fire."
read about "Miracle" who was helped with the aid of Bitsy Angle Fund!

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