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I can’t imagine life without my Fancy!! She has so much personality packed into that sassy little body. She loves to play. Every night she brings me a toy and we have to have our play time. Sometimes she plays by herself for hours. She loves to aggravavte her big sisters, Maddie and Polly. She also has been known to get into trouble by shredding toilet paper, chewing on furniture legs , and chasing the white ducks all over the farm as her Mommy yells at her. Yes, I have “diagnosed” her with “selective hearing”. And oh does she like to have the last word or should I say “arf”! But just like a child, when she gets tired, she has to have her Mommy to snuggle with. Those moments, full of kisses and belly rubs, melt my heart. So now I am proud to introduce........
Fancy "Foo Foo" Flanary

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Below left: Fancy when I got her!

Below right: Fancy in a "foo foo" dress!

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Below left: Fancy's first meet with big sister Maddie. middle: Meeting Grandma. right: Meeting Pa
Below left: Fancy with new toys. middle: Fancy taking a nap. right: On the desk at work helping Momma!
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