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Fancy, & Polly - LaNita's Girls

Fancy Foo Foo Flanary
I can’t imagine life without my Fancy!!
She has so much personality packed into that sassy little body. She loves to play. Every night she brings me a toy and we have to have our play time. Sometimes she plays by herself for hours. She loves to aggravavte her big sisters, Maddie and Polly. She also has been known to get into trouble by shredding toilet paper, chewing on furniture legs , and chasing the white ducks all over the farm as her Mommy yells at her. Yes, I have “diagnosed” her with “selective hearing”. And oh does she like to have the last word or should I say “arf”! But just like a child, when she gets tired, she has to have her Mommy to snuggle with. Those moments, full of kisses and belly rubs, melt my heart.

Below: Dr. Flanary and Fancy

Below: Fancy and Grandma!

Polly is my Beagle/Heeler mix. 
Early one morning, I awoke to the cries and whimpers of a little puppy outside my window. I jumped up out of bed, for Maddie and me to investigate. There we found a tiny potbellied white, black, and brown pup about 2 1⁄2 lbs and about 4 weeks old.  She obviously was missing her momma. 

Maddie immediately took up being her big sister as I brought her inside.  Bitsy didn’t want any part of the new addition. I decided to get her healthy and try to find her a home. And I found her one all right – Mine! 

Unlike her sisters, Polly didn't like to ride in a vehicle for years, so Polly is was my farm manager while the rest of us went to the clinic to work. Polly made her daily rounds by checking out the horses, cows, goats, pigs, geese, cats, and chickens. And no wild animals come near the house when Polly is on guard … Especially squirrels!  But as soon as her Momma came home, Polly’s soul purpose in life is to be my shadow. It doesn’t matter if I am in the back field with the cows, on a power walk down to the road, or sitting on the couch, Polly is at my side.  She even sleeps on a pink plush rug in my bedroom every night. During the winter of 2014, Polly decided to go in the truck and come to the clinic one day and now she is there every day.  So far she is my healthiest child and I hope she stays that way.  She eats Science Diet w/d food to keep at a healthy weight.  She seems to smile at times.  I guess that means she is happy she wandered up to my house.

below: Mom and the girls


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