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On February 7th, 2011, I had to put my best friend, Bitsy, to sleep. 

Bitsy was the most adorable 13 year old Pomeranian that has ever lived. When she was a little pup weighing only a pound at about 4 months of age, she had serious health problems and continued to go into hypoglycemic comas. At that time, her vet, Dr. Flanary, took her home with her every night from the clinic to keep her alive. It did not take very long for Bitsy's vet to fall in love with her precious personality and to become her permanent Momma! Bitsy rode in her Momma's lap everyday with her to work at the Flanary Vet Clinic. She had also been known to go shopping in several places in her Momma's purse! Bitsy was a princess and enjoyed all the finer things in life like pink plush pillows and beds, gorgeous clothes for all seasons and occasions (made by her personal seamstress, her Grandma), the last bite of her Momma's yogurt and most importantly being carried around! Bitsy was also very photogenic and won many photo contests and was in many magazines!! But don't let her 4 pound frame fool you! She was the boss of her 85 and 45 pound sisters. She relished in eating her Hill's Science Diet Light, to keep her figure, one piece at a time as her sisters only dared to watch. Bitsy's trachea collapsed and she was rushed to the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine for emergency surgery to place a tracheal stent. Her momma, the vet, became just momma as she watched her baby recover in intensive care. She took medicine every day to help her breathe until her final days! Bitsy and her Momma had a special bond. Bitsy was that special someone to get her Momma through everything and that made her a very special little joy!!!

Here's to you Bitsy....
When you were sad I dried up your tears. When you were scared I comforted your fears.  When you were worried I gave you hope. When you were confused I helped you cope .  And when you were lost and couldn't see the light I was your beacon shining ever so bright......... My spirit is now free but I will never depart as long as you keep me alive in your heart.

Bitsy Angel Fund - click here


Bitsy Memorial Video




Maddie 2016

Maddie was my Bernese Mountain Dog.  She chose her Momma, aka Dr. Flanary, when she was a little 8 pound puppy!! She kept climbing into my lap and would not let me check out any of the other puppies. Needless to say, she rode home in my lap and was always with me. Maddie worked at the Flanary Vet Clinic everyday and she came on emergencies too as her Momma's protector!!! Maddie loved babies- baby ducks, goats, pigs, and even 2 legged kids! She made a great babysitter.  She also loved to lay on her back, eat CET dental treats, and go jump in the pond on a hot day on the farm when her Momma wasn't watching. She enjoyed riding in her Momma's big red truck and visits with her grandpa. Maddie was born with degenerative joint disease so it was a good thing her Momma is a vet. She ate Hill's j/d food, and took glucosamine chondroitin and anti-inflammatory medicines every day. I lost Maddie in February 2016.


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