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At the Flanary Veterinary Clinic, we understand how important your pet is to you. We understand that your pet is your companion and friend and it shows in the personal and the overall quality of services and care we provide. Our professional and compassionate team of friendly, knowledgable, caring individuals takes full advantage of our state of the art facility to provide you and your pet with state of the heart care. We strive to give your pet personalized, caring attention in connection with excellence in diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical techniques. We take pride in providing wellness examinations geared toward all phases of your pet’s life, from new puppy and kitten programs to the special needs of senior pets. Our whole-life care physiology reflects our belief in the importance of the bond between you, your pets, and our entire hospital staff.

It is our goal at the Flanary Veterinary Clinic, for you and your pet to receive the best possible care in the field of veterinary medicine achieved by the following:

  • Weight Management: 45% of pets are overweight leading to heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis; let us help find the right diet for your pet.
  • Advanced Dentistry: 80% of pets develop dental disease; providing cleanings and sealants keep your pet’s teeth and total body healthy.
  • Life Stage Preventative Care Program: Complete semi-annual physical exams are the first step to finding subtle changes before they become major problems.
  • Dermatology and Allergy Testing: Comprehensive analysis and treatment of your pet’s allergies.
  • Behavior Counseling: From anxiety to housebreaking, we can help improve you and your pet’s relationship.
  • Exotic Animal Care: From potbellied pigs to iguanas and anything in between, they all need medical care.
  • Pet Microchipping: High tech identification procedure to keep your pet with your family.
  • Generalized Surgery: Hundreds of surgeries performed a year with safe anesthesia, sterile environment, and post-operative monitoring.
  • Advanced Anesthesia: Used especially for older and high risk patients.
  • Digital Radiology/Ultrasonography: The latest in diagnostic imagery of your pet.
  • Specialist Access: From specialty surgery to ophthalmology.
  • Emergency Care: As emergencies arise, so do we to give the best care to your pet 24 – 7.
  • Nutritional Counseling: For all life stages pets are what they eat.
  • In House Diagnostic Lab: Our on site lab makes all the difference in making a timely and accurate diagnosis to provide your pet with immediate treatment and you with immediate answers.
  • Free Toenail Trim, Ear Cleaning, and Anal Gland Expression: At time of services, a matter of appreciation to our active clients and pets.
  • Boarding: Temperature controlled, closely monitored, fenced exercise area, and spoiled rotten hotel stays for your pet. Free bath with five night stay. For more information see Boarding/Kennels.
  • Life Saving Vaccinations: Designed for each pet to better protect them in their lifestyle.
  • Client Education Importance: Education is the best medicine for your pet so
  • Pain Management: Latest to keep your pet pain free and living better.
  • Therapeutic Laser Therapy
    Flanary Vet is proud to now offer our new therapeutic laser. Therapeutic lasering is great for a wide variety of conditions including, acute conditions, allergies, cuts/bites, arthritis, post surgical healing/ pain relief, and so much more. It works so well by decreasing pain and inflammation to promote quicker healing. Call us today to set up an appointment
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