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Dr. Flanary invites you to meet
, Receptionist

Hi, my name is Donna. I have worked for Dr. Flanary at Flanary Vet Clinic for many years and love my job more and more each day. I work with a wonderful group of women that share the same passion as I do, we all love animals. I live in Reidland with my parents. I have one son who is married and lives in St. Louis. I don't have any 2 legged grandchildren, however, I do have 2 four legged grand-puppies. Sophie who is a weenier dog and Walt who is a pom.

I have 3 four legged family members. Monkey, my persian and two new additions since loosing my beloved Cartman in March of 2013. Teddy who is a very mischievous, loving white pom, who definitely keeps me on my toes. I had forgotten what is was like having a puppy again, and Pacey, who is a precious tiny adult orange & white pom. I adopted Pacey from a breeder who was retiring her due to her inability to produce live puppies. My parents have a senior citizen black & white kitty by the name of Feeney and Toby who is an adult pom.

When I am not working or taking care of my mother who has parkinson's and dementia, I love to work in my yard, do DIY projects, cook and spend quiet time at home with my family.

I look forward to assisting you and your 4 legged family members in the upcoming years.

below: Monkey, my 7 year old persian



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