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Dr. Flanary invites you to meet
Lavonia, Kennel Attendant


Hi! My name is Lavonia Castleman, and I grew up in a small town of Union City, Tn. I moved to the Paducah region back in 2011 with my husband Zach. I have one brother and 4 beautiful nieces located in Union City. My dad brought me up being involved with all animals big or small, I believe that is where my love for animals came from. I have a little more than 3 years working with animals in grooming and just general care of pets. I just have a little family of my own at this time it's just my husband, my cat Mara, and myself. Mara has completed our home since the day we got her from the shelter. We will be adding to our little family soon but at this time we are as happy as can be. 

I am so excited to be a part of this team who truly cares and loves every patient. I can't wait to meet all of your family members and develop a bond with them just as I see the rest of the staff has. 

Thank you so much for giving me that chance. 

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