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Dr. Flanary invites you to meet
Whitney, Kennel Attendant


My name is Whitney, I was born in Marion, KY, I moved to Paducah with my family when I was 10 years old. I have an older brother and younger sister, my mom homeschooled all three of us. I have 4 dogs; Lakota, a German Shepherd, Ranger, a mini Australian Shepherd, Cheyanne, a standard Australian Shepherd, and my newest puppy, Mato, another German Shepherd! I have two cats; Belle, and Stark, I have 3 horses; Lando, Blue and Cody. And I will soon have three little Nigerian Dwarf babies from Dr. Flanary’s farm!!! In my spare time I love to ride my horses, ride motorcycles, and spend time with my family and friends. I work part time in the kennels here and I love taking care of all the furbabies! I also work fulltime at a horse barn, which I love since I get to spend time with all the horses too.

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