Welcome Dr. LaNita Flanary, Maddie & Bitsy
Dr. Flanary invites you to meet
Morgan, Veterinary Technician

My name is Morgan, and I'm a Veterinary Technician. I was born in Henderson, KY, but grew up in Southern Illinois. I graduated an accredited Veterinary Technician program (through SICCM) in May of 2010. After graduating I moved to Paducah. I am married to my husband, Brandon, and we just bought our first home! I have known since I was able to speak that I wanted to help animals when I grew up. I am truely blessed to be able to do what I love everyday. I enjoy getting up and coming to work everyday, and Dr. Flanary has opened me up to a new "world". I did not grow up on a farm and as a child I was not exposed to livestock animals, however working at the clinic and at Dr. Flanary's farm, it is my aspiration to have a small farm of my own in the future. However, for now I have four, four-legged babies. Tricity, a Pomeranian/Dachund cross, Bank, an American Pit Bull, Duke, an American Bulldog cross, and my newest member Penelope, a pot bellied pig. Dr. Flanary and myself saved Penelope after she came into the clinic nearly dead. When Im not working at the clinic, Im working on my new home, spending time with my family, or helping Dr. Flanary at her farm.


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